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Down Right Floors is a premier floor covering distribution and installation outfit. We are committed to providing quality products to the discerning shopper. With a focus on local and ethically made flooring lines we endeavour to meet the needs of our clients through quality products and first class customer service.

Whether it be the beginning of a bedroom renovation or the finishing touches to your dream home our team at Down Right Floors has the tools and experience you need to have your project come together. We have hand picked a selection of product lines that we believe embody our own requirements when it comes to flooring needs. We endeavour to not bombard you with all the possibilities on the market but rather have gone through an extensive process to deliver you those products and textiles we believe are of the highest quality and customer satisfaction. We do not just want to sell you a floor that looks great. Rather we hope to provide you with a product that will serve you and your family well for years to come and provide you with the longevity you would expect from any part of your home. We believe that your flooring is an investment in your future, the solid ground you walk on as you turn your house into a home filled with memories and purpose. We hope you will let us be your partners in that process.




When a client walks into Down Right Floors we endeavour to give them the type of shopping experience we would desire. Our staff is friendly and informative without beating our clients over the head with unnecessary information and technical jargon. We identify with the client their needs and wants moving them towards our hand crafted product lines.

While respecting our clients time table and budget we also try to give them a selection of products that will not simply fill their immediate needs but also take care of their flooring requirements for many years in the future. Once our client has decided on a product that works for them and fulfills their respective aesthetic desires we pair them to one of our qualified installation crews who are an exemplary contingent of our corporation. Unlike some of our competitors we have a very select group of contractors and installation specialists who work with us and maintain the same levels of integrity and service we would demand from ourselves. Our installation crews are the backbone of our project longevity which sets us apart in the industry.

We pride ourselves on a timely and effective installation procedure where the clients home and belongings are treated with care and consideration. Our contractors make sure to complete each area of the quote as prescribed while being aware of any required repairs or restructuring needed to ensure a safe and quality finish. Any necessary additional work is relayed to and discussed with our clients prior to additional work being added to the quote.

At the completion of the project we endeavour to reach out to the client after a period of time to check in and make sure that their new floors are performing as discussed and are often humbled by the generous feedback of our clientele. We at Down Right Floors believe our clients are more than just a one-sale opportunity. We hope to be the source for their and their families flooring needs long into the future. We strive to build positive and healthy relationships with the individuals with whom we work and as such put into practice our belief that we should treat others as we would want to be treated both in business and in life.




Gary Grubb has been a financial partner in Down Right Floors since it’s inception. The owner and Manager of West Star Electric Gary has had decades of experience in the commercial building industry. His knowledge and insight into what it takes to get a job done and done right are a great resource for our team.


Diana Nenka in the in office manager of Down Right Floors. When you call or walk in Diana is probably going to be the first person you see. Her hard work and dedication to our corporate ethics and values make her the perfect first impression. She has been an invaluable addition to the Down Right Floors team.


Luke Vickruck is the current Managing Partner of Down Right Floors. with over a decade of installation experience as well as being a partner in Houzkey Contracting Luke has the experience and logistical knowledge to make sure your project is done effectively and efficiently.


Our Contractors: Our teams of installation experts have been chosen for their integrity, their willingness to work hard and their expertise in their field. We have a hand selected group of partners that we work with based on our experience with them over the past several years. We at Down Right Floors maintain a great relationship with our subcontractors and as such have a great deal of pride and confidence when they represent us on your site.




Down Right Floors was established in 2014 under the supervision of Gary Grubb. At that time Down Right was formed to provide our local market with a premier flooring outfit which had a focus and purpose in product identification and installation integrity. Since that time Down Right Floors has gathered around itself a clientele who’s ethics are very similar to our own. We work with quality products because that is what our clients want. We have the best installers because that is what our clients demand. Down Right Floors has and will continue to maintain the focus that it beheld at its infancy: that being that a project in someone else's home or business should be treated as if it was being done in our own.

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