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– Can I put laminate in my bathroom?

Most laminate manufacturers will not warranty and do not recommend laminate products to be installed in full bathrooms do to the high moisture output of a shower or bathtub. Laminate installs frequently occur in half bathrooms and there are several lines of waterproof laminate available at Down Right Floors which are warrantied for all wet areas of your home.


– Should I put laminate on my stairs?

While hard surface stair wraps are a great way to add expensive flair to your home they can be difficult to live with. Hard surface stairs can be slippery, are unforgiving if you were to stumble or trip and can be a hazard for small children. A common solution for stair coverings is to cover the treads with a high quality carpet and attach your homes hard surface flooring to the risers. This gives the stairs a fresh look while tying into the rest of your homes decor and providing a safe and usable surface for your family.


– Is tile a good idea for my bathroom and kitchen?

Tile is a great choice for wet areas in your home such as a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. Tile is one hundred percent waterproof and has a great deal of longevity. Considerations may include the density of tile products and if children stumbling or items dropping is a concern. Vinyl tile is a great way to get a softer product with equal water resistance. 


– What is the difference between Laminate and Vinyl?

Laminate is made by the compression of sawdust and glue with a laminated photo of real wood on the top surface. Vinyl is a rubber based compound with either and SPC or WPC manufacturing process which prevents moisture from penetrating the product.


– What is the difference between SPC and WPC?

Vinyl floors with either a WPC or SPC designation are all waterproof. WPC floors have an additional layer of vinyl between the top surface and the core of the plank while SPC products attached the pictured top layer directly to the core


– What is engineered hardwood?

Engineered hardwood is the result of taking a layer of real wood and attaching it to a plywood sublayer. This allows the wood to be much more stable in a variety of conditions while also making the product easier to install.


– Will carpet affect my allergies?

While some clients complain of their old existing carpet irritating their allergies the new product lines available at Down Right Floors are hypoallergenic and greatly reduce the particulates that cause agitation.


– What is the best floor for my children?

If you have the continual excitement that comes from housing children of any age there is a great deal to be said for both laminate and vinyl floors. On average laminate floors are more resistant to scratches and gouging while vinyl gives you a complete spill proof mud proof surface in any area of your home.


– Can hardwood floors survive getting wet?

Hardwood floors whether they be engineered or solid will not respond well to large amounts of water. i.e. a dishwasher or toilet leak. That being the case the average day to day spills and drips are readily managed by the top coat of the hardwood surface.

– Do you provide in home consults?

In home consults are available to all our clients and are often encouraged so that our sales team can get an accurate picture of the project.


– How long will it take for my floor to arrive?

We recommend that our clients give themselves a two week window from ordering their product until it arrives at our warehouse.


– How much does vinyl/laminate installation cost?

Laminate and Vinyl floors can vary on installation due to the complexity of the project but on average our installation costs are $2.25 a square foot.


– Will I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. A deposit is required prior to the processing of the order. The deposit is the total of material charges with the remainder to be paid upon completion of the installation.


– Do you take cheques?

Yes. We take cheques, cash and credit cards.


– Do I need to be home when my floors are being installed?

While you are more than welcome to be at home and get to know our exceptional install teams you are also free to leave your home throughout the day while your new floors are being constructed.

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